Smart Wifi Thermostat

Canadian Wifi Thermostat that allows the use of room sensors to deal with hot and cold spots. Ecobee works with Amazon Alexa for voice control, and can be tied to sensors in different rooms to allow a more flexible level of home temperature control.

Invisibility has never sounded this good

Today’s multi-channel surround sound and whole-house audio systems require multiple speaker locations. The result can be an ever growing number of speaker grilles, boxes and hardware that compete with the decor of your living space. We invite you to experience the freedom of invisibility.

With Stealth Acoustics you get dynamic full range audio placed where you want, without regard to the architectural conflicts that occur with conventional speaker grilles and boxes.

The music, the whole music and nothing but the music

Our vision at Totem is to give you the music, the whole music and nothing but the music. As people, we want to feel alive. We want to feel the beat and inherent rhythm of life. That's why we go way beyond engineering gimmickry to deliver the heart and honesty of music.

Speakers, Sound Bars, Sub Woofers, Wireless Music Systems

Definitive Technology loudspeakers are designed first and foremost to be natural and accurate when reproducing any media. The materials and technologies engineered into Definitive Technology loudspeakers allow them to faithfully reproduce the sounds that are fed into them without exaggeration or loss. Definitive Technology loudspeakers are truly able to meet the demands of music as well as movies.

Mobile Fidelity: Turntables, Tonearms, Cartridges, Phono Sections 

Who better to design and manufacture vinyl playing devices, than the people who remaster and press some of the finest audiophile vinyl records on the planet? Drawing on five decades of making the world’s best-sounding records at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab studios, Mobile Fidelity electronics focus on improving the sonic integrity of home-audio reproduction. Our turntables, cartridges, and phono preamplifiers are designed to spotlight what Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab continues to do with its famous Original Master Recordings: Getting you closer to what the original artist intended.

Award-winning power optimisation products for hi-fi and home cinema systems

Our highly specialised mains conditioners actively clean the power obtained from your wall sockets before it reaches your hi-fi or audio visual system, and our range of power cables further enhance this improvement. Our solutions cover a wide range of systems, delivering significant upgrades in performance at competitive prices.

Intelligent Thermostats, Cameras and more 

Nest is the original smart thermostat. Wifi enabled and smart, Nest will learn how you live and save energy in the process. There is a family of cameras and smoke detectors, with a doorbell cam coming in 2018.

The Sound and Vision of Scandinavia 

For thirty years, Primare, based in southern Sweden, has been designing and producing award-winning hi-fi components that bring the Scandinavian attributes of honest integrity and timeless design to a global audience.
Every Primare product reflects a commitment to Scandinavian ideals such as lagom – the sense of true satisfaction that comes from balance and harmony. Not too much. Not too little. Just right.
With a modular, environmentally conscious approach that complements core values of lasting quality, ease of use and deeply satisfying performance, Primare effortlessly delivers today’s ever-expanding music and visual experiences in all their richness and variety, whether the source is analog or digital, wired or wireless, stored or streamed.

Seamless AV Integration

Blustream is the custom installation industry’s fresh new option for advanced HDMI distribution. Our solutions deliver AV integration within any installation environment, via HDMI, HDBaseT or IP.  As an official HDBaseT adopter and alliance member, Blustream is firmly positioned at the forefront of this advanced technology.

Audio and Video Furniture

Solidsteel is an Italian company with a simple mission, "To Serve Music and Nothing Else."

It all started from the musical passion of a boy from Pescara (Italy), an enthusiast of records and engines, who every day, from an early age, strongly worked for the illustrious family-company “Conti”, which was at that time the official supplier of silencers for motorcycles of Ducati, in Bologna. He helped make Ducati motorcycles sound great, and then turned his attention to doing the same for Audio equipment. Your equipment will look great and sound better.

The Closest Approach to the Original Sound 

Every product in our current portfolio has received international acclaim. Quad has never indulged in technical ‘one-upmanship’. The technology is there for a purpose – that has remained constant over the years. To reproduce music in a form that is the closest approach to the original.

The history of Quad is one of achievement in the field of sound reproduction. It is a story that began with the Quad 1 amplifier, then Quad II, 33, 303, 77, and of course the world-renowned ESL Electrostatic Speakers. Check out the new versions of Quad today. 

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab: Audiophile Recordings

The undisputed pioneer and leader in audiophile recordings since the company's inception in 1977. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's ongoing quest is to deliver the foremost sounding audio entertainment software that technological innovation can provide. From our first UHQR™ vinyl LP to our latest Ultradisc UHR™ SACD, we have been and will remain a steadfast innovator in the audiophile frontier. 

Scotland-based manufacturer of loudspeakers (look up "Tannoy" in the Oxford Dictionary)

Discerning music and movie lovers all over the world choose Tannoy’s technically advanced home theatre and hi-fi loudspeakers for their accuracy, clarity and expansive imaging. From compact AV systems to stylish, premium performance home theatre and audiophile stereo speakers to custom install. Tannoy leads the way.

High End Pro Audio Equipment

Lab.gruppen is a Swedish company located in Kungsbacka, just south of Gothenburg. We have a great staff committed to the development of boundary-breaking sound reinforcement products for the professional audio industry. With our unique switch mode and other patented technologies, we work towards providing advanced power amplifiers and powered loudspeaker management systems that are utterly reliable and sonically superior. Through continued research and persistent hard work, Lab.gruppen strives to stay among the leading brands within the professional audio community. The company eschews diversification in order to focus completely on its core discipline – audio technology.

Making good, sound great

The way we see it (and hear it) we aren’t just making superb home audio equipment—we’re making our customers’ lives better. Sure, the pieces we build deliver stunning, amazing audio—sound beautiful enough to make your living room pulse like a concert hall and your home theater rumble like a Hollywood studio. But it’s that loftier goal—the goal of improving lives and making people happy—that drives us and fires our passion.

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The Origin Way [ thē • awr-i-jin • wey] 

A way of inventing, designing and building loudspeakers superior in sound quality and aesthetics unlike any             other. The ultimate dedication to engineering performance. A  non-conventional and insane dedication to beauty and accurate sound reproduction. Dedication to the listener’s total satisfaction and delight, creating head bobbing movement and smiles as it is experienced. Creating bliss filled entertainment experienced by the few that care about the finest when there is no thought of compromise.

The Origin Way has never existed before and must be experienced.


Savant is a premium automation experience that will change the way you enjoy your home. Savant's premium home automation systems offer personalization features that make the difference between a smart home and a Savant Home.

The right way to hang a TV over the Fireplace

MantelMount is the pull down TV mount. Not just for the fireplace, but for anywhere that a TV needs to be mounted higher than it should be. MantelMount will make viewing more comfortable by avoiding the craned neck position required in many installations. It can also tilt and swivel, and is available in both manual and motorized versions.